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Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe. Throughout history, the area of modern Slovenia was a crossroads of routes leading from east to west and from north to south. All these diverse influences helped shape its character. Today, this can be seen in Slovenia's vibrant economic activity as well as in the valuable contributions of Slovenian scientists to the worldwide wealth of knowledge.

At home and abroad, Slovenian companies have celebrated numerous successful and highly innovative products. Discover Elan skis, the ones used by skiing champions, Seaway sailing boats and Pipistrel ultra light aircraft. Or the brilliantly designed Gorenje household appliances. And numerous other small, but highly innovative and export-oriented companies. Their products are persistently breaking into foreign markets and lends a boutique-type quality to Slovenia's economy.

The economy is geared towards services, and Slovenia can boast top-class services in the field of information technology. It also has developed successful pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing. Other major economic sectors include the food industry, electrical devices, metal processing and chemicals. Meanwhile tourism is becoming an increasingly important sector. 

Info point for businesses where they can obtain information on measures supporting the economy during the COVID-19 crisis

SPIRIT Slovenia has established a new web-based info point for businesses – an online forum where they can obtain all information on measures supporting the economy during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 Business Forum has been launched within the site, facilitating direct and fast communication between companies and exchange of information, useful materials and good practices.

Register to use to online forum here: https://podpora.spiritslovenia.si/home

Website: https://www.spiritslovenia.si/koronavirus

Business Forum: https://podpora.spiritslovenia.si/home