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Bilateral relations between Slovenia and Iran are positive, without major outstanding issues. Iran is one of Slovenia’s most important economic partners in the Middle East; however, the two countries endeavour to enhance cooperation also in other fields. Foreign policy relations between Slovenia and Iran depend to a large extent on the EU policy.

Foreign policy of the Republic of Slovenia

Endeavouring to consolidate the international position and standing of the Republic of Slovenia as a democratic, stable and successful central European state, and in order successfully to pursue its fundamental foreign policy interests and objectives, the underlying orientations of its foreign policy activity must be defined and coordinated. These orientations are based on wide political consensus among the parties in the National Assembly, as the body with responsibility for the foreign policy of the Republic of Slovenia, and on a wide consensus of representatives of civil society active in the field of international relations.

In identifying its foreign policy priorities, the Republic of Slovenia considers the current situation and the possible development of the international political, economic and security situation in Europe and in the world, and proceeds from these to the values, interests and aims which are vital for the development of the Slovenian nation and Slovenian state. Slovenia is aware that this development is guaranteed by lasting peace and stability both in Europe and in the world. …more