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Slovenian Foreign Policy and Human Rights

The protection and promotion of human rights are significant elements of Slovenian foreign policy. Human rights are universal and indivisible, which means that everyone has the same rights, regardless of their nationality, place of residence, gender, national or ethnic affiliation, skin colour, religion, language or other personal circumstances. Political, civic, economic, social, and cultural rights are equally important in Slovenian foreign policy.

Slovenia promotes the strengthening of respect for human rights in bilateral relations, especially as a member of international organisations, such as the UN, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and within the scope of Europe’s common foreign policy.

With a progressive approach to addressing human rights, Slovenia strives to enhance norms and standards, including the further codification of international law governing this area.

Human rights are dealt with comprehensively; they are regarded as one of the three pillars of international co-existence, in addition to security and development. Without respect for human rights, there is no security or economic and social development and vice versa, without development and security, human rights cannot be fully enjoyed. In addressing human rights, specific features of individual periods of life are taken into account, with particular emphasis on vulnerable social groups.

Slovenia also underlines the importance of respect for human rights through international development cooperation and through its security policy, including anti-terrorist efforts.

Slovenia advocates the importance of responsibility for human rights violations and supports the International Criminal Court and other international tribunals for grave human rights violations.

The priorities of Slovenia's foreign policy on human rights include gender equality, children's rights, the rights of the elderly, human rights education, human rights and the environment, human rights and entrepreneurship, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination, including the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Slovenia also strives for the abolition of the death penalty and the prohibition of torture.